Step 4:


Investing in the Vision involves a multi-disciplinary approach to have a stable and diversified portfolio.  Investing in the Vision requires our clients to have a long-view approach and being open to opportunities to always strengthen their portfolio.  This also requires our clients to have patience because the investment process can be lengthy and sometimes does not provide a quick turn-around if you are requiring liquid cash from your investments in the immediate term.  

What investments are best for me and my family's situation?  The answer: It all goes back to Step 1 of the Vision to Legacy process.  Because you have identified what it is that you want for yourself and your family, you have already started the investment portfolio!  How?  When you purchased life insurance, no matter whether it was a Term or Permanent policy, you invested in the future of your legacy.  When you completed the restoration of your credit to increase your purchasing power, your net worth increased allowing your overall investments to increase.  Now is the time to use the purchasing power you've established to increase what you have already started building - your legacy.

There are several ways to go about investing in the vision you have.  Everything from purchasing your first home to buying stocks, bonds, or mutual funds aggressively will help secure the financial future to pass from one generation to the next.  In building your portfolio, look for opportunities to invest, whether it is within your home, purchasing a rental property, or owning a franchise or your own business.  There are multiple ways in which a person can invest into the vision they have for themselves and their family.  The key to the investment is to ensure that there are multiple streams of income available for leveraging purposes.

Finally, we at Vision Strategic Financial Group would not be doing our due dilligence in the matter of investing in your vision without introducing you to the very programs you have been apart of to this point.  One belief that we pride ourselves on is the creative partnership we have between the credit restoration agency of UCES and the life insurance protection partnership with World Financial Group.  We currently have openings available for both the Credit Restoration Referral Agent and Life & Health Insurance Agent/Broker positions within our office.  This unique opportunity allows for you, the client, to generate an additional stream of income, all while in the comfort of your home.  

If you would like more information about becoming a Credit Restoration Referral Agent or a Life & Health Insurance Agent/Broker, click on the links below: