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320 million people live in the United States.  Of that number, 58 percent live with a credit score that is below 680 points.  Of the 58 percent that are below the 680 point range, 48 percent (or 89 million) Americans live with a credit score that places them into either a prime or sub-prime risk category, making life tremendously excrutiating when it comes to purchasing power, especially if you're applying for a home mortgage, purchasing a new vehicle, or just simply applying for a job.

Many companies are out not only to rip you off but make you believe that with their program, they will get you out of debt soon.  You then pay a large portion of fees with only a small amount of the fee going toward the actual incurred debt.  Some companies only deal with credit card debt while others only deal with medical debt.  However, our program is different because you are in control the entire way.

Vision Strategic Financial Group has partnered with United Credit Education Service (i.e. UCES) to provide you, our client, with the clear path of restoring your purchasing power while protecting your identity.  Through the UCES Protection Plan, you will have access to the following:

  •           Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion credit reports

  •           Budgeting tool to help keep your finances on track

  •           Credit Attorneys and Credit Restoration program to help remove negative items from your report

  •           Debt Payoff Plan to help you be accountable for paying off any remaining debts hindering your score

  •           ....and so much more!

You have WRITTEN the Vision.  You have PROTECTED the Vision.  Now it's time to have RESTORATION for the Vision.  For more information, chat with us at the bottom right of the screen or contact us at (888) 847-6734.  To enroll into the Vision SFG Restoring Your Credit Program sponsored by United Credit Education Service, click on the following link below to get started today: