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As a society, we purchase different types of insurance for different reasons.  Most insurance that is purchased are for items that are apart of a major purchase.  Included in these purchases are things such as:

  •           Primary Mortgage Insurance (PMI) when a home is purchased through financing,

  •           Motor vehicle insurance for vehicles being operated on roadways,

  •           Cell phone insurance or other insurance for electronics in-case of damaging the specific item,

  •           Ticket insurance for flights, cruises, concerts, etc. in cases we have our plans change at the last minute.

Why do we purchase insurance for the things above?  Simple answer: SECURITY.  Insurance allows us to feel secure in the tangible purchases we make on a continuous basis that if something happens, we are able to easily replace whatever it is that was damaged or incurred a loss.

So, why purchase life insurance?  One reason: SECURITY.  Another reason: PROTECTION.  For the same reasons we purchase other types of insurance - such as home, health, vehicle, and more - are the very reasons to purchase life insurance.  Many believe that life insurance is up to 3 times more expensive than it really can be.  Based on your health condition and your age, life insurance can be as little as $23.33 per month for a $500,000 insurance policy.

What is the right policy protection for me?  The simple answer is that it depends on two factors: (1) What is the policy being used for; and (2) How much can I afford?  Each person and situation is different, which also determines what type of policy you will want to purchase to provide that security and protection for you and your family.  The most popular and recent type of individual life insurance protection is Term Life Insurance, which provides a lot of protection for little cost.  However, Permanent Life Insurance is a proven product that has been around for more than 100 years and gives you not just the security and protection for your family, but also allows you the flexibility to do additional things based upon the cash value of a policy.  These things include:

  •           Funding a college education,

  •           Downpayment for a new home,

  •           Supplementing retirement income

Whatever your vision is, the number one way to protect that vision is through life insurance.  Whether you purchase a Term Life or Permanent Life policy, you and your family will be able to breathe a little easier knowing you have the safety, security, and protection in a case of loss of income while pursuing your vision.

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